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2023 Updates Letter

December 16, 2022

Happy Holidays,


We are so happy to be your chosen healthcare provider. Beal Wellness is committed to providing the best possible mental health care in Georgia. Our mission is to unlock happiness through wellness by providing our clients with the tools and resources they need to live happy, healthy lives.


With our mission statement in mind, we have updated some of our policies for the new year. The complete policies are listed on our website, but here are the highlights:


  • Our fee for no-shows and late cancellations is $50.

  • We cannot accommodate late arrivals. Please understand that you must arrive early because we do not have a grace period. You will be counted as a no-show if you are not on time. This applies to in-person and telehealth appointments.

  • Our patient portal is the best way to make, cancel, and change your appointments. It’s also the best way to communicate with us. Please log in to explore what the portal offers. Learn more here.

  • All patient care is driven by treatment plans. We have a proven process for making sure that all clients have the tools and resources they need to unlock happiness through wellness. Learn more about our treatment model here: Ready, Set, Go! 

  • We offer a variety of services, but most visits fall into one of the following categories: Initial, Annual, Follow Up, Refill, or Therapy. During your treatment planning process, your provider will discuss which types of visits you will need to schedule. Learn more about our visit types here.

  • We generally do not call in refills unless you are seen for an appointment. In the rare instance that our providers approve a refill call-in, the fee is $50. 

  • Beal Wellness is growing. Expect to meet new providers and staff. Dr. Beal has personally chosen each new provider and trusts them completely with your care. Sometimes you will have visits with one of these providers. Even if your appointment isn’t with Dr. Beal, he will supervise your treatment and consult with the provider to make sure that you are receiving the same high level of care that he provides. Learn more about our providers here.

  • You are welcome to call our office if you have questions. In most cases, our office staff can get your questions answered. If your phone call requires a chat with a provider, there is a charge. Your insurance company may cover the charge, but there is a chance that you will be responsible for the cost. To be sure, ask your insurance company if they cover code 99441.

  • Payment is expected at the time of service. If you need to make financial arrangements, you must alert our office ahead of time. To reach our billing team, leave a message in the billing department’s voicemail box. Calls are returned promptly.


Please be kind to our staff as they enforce company policies. They’re doing their best to make sure that every person is served with the highest level of excellence. We are happy to serve you and look forward to helping you achieve your happy and healthy goals in 2023! If you have any questions, please feel free to email, text, or call our office. 

With lots of love,

Dr. Beal and the entire Beal Wellness team

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