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Our Treatment Philosophy

Person-Centered Philosophy


Beal Wellness staff are dedicated to providing consumer-driven services. To this end, persons receiving services will provide the primary direction in shaping their services and formulating their plan of service or support.

The plan of service or support for persons receiving services shall be developed through a person-centered planning process.


The plan is to be based on the expressed needs and desires of the persons served and their abilities, capabilities and the supports ecessary to reach their goals.


Services and supports are to be provided in environments that promote maximum independence, community inclusion and quality of life.


Families shall be valued members of the support team.


The process will fully explore the individual's and family's desires with respect to life style decisions, and hopes and dreams for the future.


The process will encourage, support and enable choice, control, independence and integration.


The process will consider issues and concerns about the person's health, welfare and safety.

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