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Disability Evaluations

Sometimes, people may find themselves unable to do things that they were previously able to do due to a mental health disability. A mental health disability is a condition that affects an individual's cognitive, behavioral, or emotional functioning and may impact their ability to perform daily activities, such as work or self-care.

Mental health disabilities can be short-term, long-term, or permanent and may range in severity. Some individuals may experience mild impairment and be able to live independently with little or no support, while others may require more extensive support and assistance to manage their disability.

At Beal Wellness, we have a process for conducting disability evaluations to determine the extent of an individual's disability and how it may impact their ability to function in their daily life. This process involves a thorough review of medical records, a physical examination, functional assessments, and input from other healthcare professionals. The purpose of the evaluation is to gather as much information as possible to help determine the most appropriate treatment and support services for the individual.

To learn more about our disability evaluation process, please visit the following link to view our brochure: This brochure provides detailed information about what to expect during the evaluation and how we use the information gathered to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns about the disability evaluation process, don't hesitate to ask your healthcare provider for more information. We are here to support you and help you get the care you need.

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