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Please arrive early for your appointment. We cannot accommodate late arrivals and we do not have a grace period. Please understand, you will be marked as a no-show if you are not present at the time of your appointment. For all appointments, our provider team makes every effort to see you at your scheduled time. While we understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise, if you must cancel your appointment, we ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible, but a minimum of at least 24 hours is required to avoid any charges. It is our policy that if you arrive late, don't attend, or cancel your appointment outside the 24 hour period, there is a $50 fee applied, which is not covered by insurance. Patients with more than two no-shows or late cancellations in a 12-month period will be dismissed from our practice. We thank you for your understanding as we try to accommodate all of our patients.

Telephone Calls

Although most significant questions should be brought to your provider's attention during your appointment, we understand that you may have questions that you need to ask over the phone. We ask you to leave a message with our office staff and to provide them your daytime, evening and cell phone numbers. We may not be able to answer your question until later in the day. In most cases, our staff can get your questions answered. In the event that your call requires a chat with the provider, we do bill for those calls. We try to return all calls within 24 hours, but if it is an emergency, please call 911 and one of the local facilities listed below.

  • Grady Hospital (Atlanta) - 404.616.1000

  • Wellstar Cobb Hospital (Austell) - 770.732.4000

  • Ridgeview Institute (Smyrna) - 770.434.4567

  • Peachford Hospital (Dunwoody) - 770.455.3200

  • Anchor Hospital (South Atlanta) - 770.991.6044


Medication Refills

Your provider prescribes sufficient medication to last until your next visit and therefore requests for refills are generally not expected.  As a general rule, our office does not call in prescriptions for patients.   We require medication management visits to be sure the prescription is appropriate, to discuss side effects, etc. If an appointment is rescheduled or missed and medication is required,  we will try to get you a refill visit as soon as possible. In very rare cases, we can call in medication. We charge a $50 prescription call in fee.  This fee is not covered by insurance and must be paid by the patient before any other services are rendered.  Please allow 24 hours for medications to be called in.  While we strive to handle all requests as soon as possible, medication requests require the signature of the ordering physician and therefore there may be a delay in processing.

Alternative Providers

Sometimes our patients have a change in their financial situation and can no longer afford their visits with us. If this is your situation, we recommend that you reach out to the health services department in your county. Here are the links to some wonderful clinics in our area. 

Grady Behavioral Health Center

Grady East Point Health Center

Grady Camp Creek Health Center

Grady provides the same quality of care to all patients – whether or not they have health insurance. However, all patients share some financial responsibility for that care.

Fulton County Behavioral Health

Fulton County provides comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment services to all residents, regardless of their ability to pay. 

Medical Consultation
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