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Male Psychiatrists in Atlanta, GA

Manic-depressive disorder was the old name for bipolar disorder, which is essentially an issue in which the man experiences extreme mood fluctuations. A male, on the other hand, is less likely than a woman to have similar rapid mood fluctuations since he is more likely to suffer from the more classic bipolar, I disorder rather than bipolar II. He may experience melancholy and distress for days, followed by intervals of extreme happiness to the point of delirium. These severe highs and lows may disrupt his daily life and cause issues in his personal connections. During his sad episodes, he may even consider suicide.

A man suffering from this disorder may require hospitalization at times. If he is suicidal or homicidal, he may need to be hospitalized for examination and treatment. He can be observed and examined in the hospital for possibly subsequent treatment. According to the Male Psychiatrists in Atlanta, GA, the primary goal is to treat the present condition.

Men's Issues Psychiatrists in Atlanta, GA

Following the correction of the man's chemical imbalances with drugs, he may be treated with psychotherapy. This is an individual-based psychological treatment in which a psychologist or Men's Issues Psychiatrists in Atlanta, GA will assist him in focusing on and working to resolve his emotional issues. The bipolar patient will be encouraged to express his feelings as well as explore his childhood and any trauma or other challenges that may have contributed to his disease. To cope with his bipolar disease, the guy may need to continue receiving counselling and taking drugs for the rest of his life.

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