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3 Reasons To Choose Telehealth Treatment

Updated: May 21

The most recent statistics show that over 52% of Americans with mental illness do not receive treatment. That explains why 26 million individuals in the nation lack access to critical care. Untreated mental illness has the potential to be harmful or even lethal. Why then, do so many people go untreated?

Some people are still reluctant to seek care due to a lack of knowledge and lingering stigma. Receiving therapy can be challenging, especially when individuals are aware of how important mental health care is and want to end the stigma. Finding a competent provider, scheduling time to go to appointments, and other challenges can be challenging.

Telehealth can help in this situation. Telehealth is not only a practical means of receiving the care you require, but it is also successful. Here are three of the main arguments in favor of choosing online psychiatry or therapy when you require mental health care.

1. Convenient Accessibility to Care

It can be difficult to get an appointment with a mental health professional. Just a few factors that could make it challenging are as follows:

  • Lack of services nearby and easily accessible

  • having to take care of kids at home

  • being unable to take so much time off from work

  • lack of availability of safe transportation

  • anxiety about leaving home

  • Various mobility issues that make transportation challenging

  • Social distance measurements that are required

Telehealth can be helpful if you're concerned about any of these conditions. With a reliable internet connection, you may seek aid without having to go through any hurdles. You may better integrate mental health care into your hectic schedule in this way.

2. Budget Friendly Treatment

Every time you have to leave your home or work for an appointment, you can incur expenses. The cost of commuting to regular appointments is:

  • Time off of work

  • Childcare

  • Gas

  • Increased mileage on a vehicle

  • Fees of public transportation

Since telemedicine allows access to care from anywhere, many of the costs associated with treatment and psychiatric visits can be saved. Of course, one of the main costs of any kind of medical care is the appointment itself.

Some online therapy and psychiatric providers do not accept insurance, an important consideration. However, Georgia Behavioral Health Providers accepts all major insurance plans. Most insurance companies cover online bookings as well as equivalent in-person visits. However, some health insurance companies are still not accepting telemedicine appointments. Using insurance for online psychiatric care is a great way to get the most out of your money.

3. High Efficacy

The fact that it works is the primary reason to select this cost-effective and convenient option. Given the personal nature of online mental health care, it is understandable that some people are concerned about its efficacy. However, research continues to demonstrate that patients receiving mental health care via telehealth services fare as well as those receiving care via in-person visits.

These discoveries are valid for both internet based psychiatry and teletherapy. When compared to in-person mental health care, some patients find that telehealth is more effective. Telehealth services typically make it simpler to be more consistent, and consistency is essential for mental health care.

Are you prepared to give telehealth a shot? Plan your virtual appointment today!

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