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What Happens in a Refill Visit?

  1. Your provider will gather information about your current symptoms and functioning.

  2. Your provider will ask you about your response to your current medication regimen and any side effects you have experienced.

  3. Your provider will review your medical history and any relevant laboratory or diagnostic test results, and measure your vital signs (such as blood pressure, pulse, and weight).

  4. Your provider will assess the effectiveness of your current medication regimen and determine whether any adjustments to your treatment plan are necessary.

  5. If your provider determines that your current medication regimen is appropriate and effective, they will renew or refill your medication. If your current medication regimen is not appropriate, they may schedule a follow-up visit to make changes to your treatment plan.

  6. Your provider may also provide you with any necessary education or support to help you manage your condition and adhere to your medication regimen.

It's important to keep track of your refill visits and make sure to schedule them as needed. If you have any questions about your medication regimen or about what happens during a refill visit, don't hesitate to ask your provider.

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